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Sourcing new parts or repair capabilities, signing up experienced Field Engineers, be it mechanical, controls or generators and finding the best Project Managers for outages or revamping, are often the greatest challenges (or even headaches) for companies in the turbine operations market.

The sourcing processes take up valuable time but the outcome is of the utmost value to the turbine operator.

Making use of third party service organizations such as BERNETT Consultancy, can provide companies with exactly the support they require. The experience within our company and the long established relationships we have with vendors and power stations, can provide you with practical solutions related to maintenance issues.

- Gas turbine parts be it new or refurbished, such as:

  • turbine blades and vanes
  • combustion parts
  • compressor blading

- Field support during outage (field engineers: mechanical, controls, generators)

- Project management for outage or revamping

- Gas Turbine Control replacement solutions

On another level, within our organization we can also provide extensive project management for your participations at industrial exhibitions. We have set up a unique cooperation with an experienced stand and graphic designer and an internationally based stand building company.

As BERNETT Consultancy we are in an excellent position to support you and fulfill your expectations in many key areas of your operation.

Berend van Zanten

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